Cruising Overview

Why Cruise?

Over the past 15 years, cruising has experienced a revolution – and we have you to thank. Cruisers spoke, and the cruise lines listened. Time and time again, cruisers said rock-bottom price isn't what's most important – but rather flexibility, choice, a quality experience, and excellent value are what matter most. To deliver all those elements, the cruise lines made countless changes – in dining choices and quality, in diversity of departure ports, in onboard activities, and in stateroom design, size, and comfort. Spas were expanded, children's programs were enhanced, and state-of-the-art facilities were added for sports, communication, entertainment, and fun. For these reasons, and so many others, we believe cruising now offers the best possible vacation experience.

First-Time Cruisers

Vacation memories are some of life's sweetest moments. At Best Buy Cruise, travel is our passion, and we find joy in making sure everyone's first impression of cruising is incredible. We believe nothing offers more variety, a better value, or a more unforgettable vacation experience than a cruise adventure. Our site offers terrific, useful information on ships, cruise lines, and destinations. Select from hundreds of unique itineraries from 22 departure ports in the U.S. alone! So go exploring – we're here to help you find the cruise that's just right for you.


Ever wish you knew a cruise expert who could help with questions and decision-making? You do. Hundreds, actually. Our vacation consultants are experts in the field, with decades of sales and customer service experience – plus dozens of cruises logged in their passports. At CruisesOnly, we're passionate about cruising – we cruise for fun, for business, with our families, and with our friends. That love of cruising is at the heart of all we do, and inspired all the advice and "insider tips" you'll find in this section. So take a look, and remember, you've got a lot of friends in the business!


Once you've chosen your perfect cruise, your dreams will really start to take shape. And while you're picturing yourself poolside, we've got plenty of expert advice on how to best prepare for your upcoming cruise, no matter where you're headed. From the required travel documents and packing essentials to pier directions and expectations of a typical day at sea, you can rely on Best Buy Cruise to help ensure you get the most from your cruise experience – both before you sail and while onboard. We believe an informed, prepared cruiser is a happy cruiser, and this section will help make sure the planning doesn't get in the way of the daydreaming. Bon Voyage!

By Interest

Choice and diversity are two of our favorite things about cruising – and about our customers. Families, couples, singles, groups ... we approach every cruise as a journey unique in its itinerary and its travelers. Every customer brings a new opportunity for us to aid in the pursuit of adventure, even if adventure just means a week of poolside lounging on the open sea! No matter who you are and what you're looking for, our website and all our vacation consultants are dedicated to making the search for your cruise as rewarding as the journey.